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The real anal destruction project

Except that our partner is a luxury whore, we can't have anal sex without the woman's consent. Girls are afraid of this practice because the beginning always hurts, but over time, more pleasure is gained in anal sex than in normal sex.

The anal sex projects

At first, anal sex requires a lot of preparation protocols, especially for women. The man must ask this woman several times to have anal sex because yes, it is a position that men love and women enjoy. The D-day arrives, the room is ready, it is clean, warm and with a good smell, the one she prefers and good music with a good playlist. The bed is well made and perfectly comfortable, this time the man asks his wife to relax. He can even venture into naturist massage lessons and starts working on his partner's erogenous points. Once hot, she asks to move on to doe projects the next step in ecstasy sex.

The unfolding of an anal sex

She can go back to the saddle because with this good rise in emotion, she probably wants to. She washes herself well in this hot bath that her man has prepared and goes back to bed. He sucks her until the girl intensifies her screaming and asks for sex. He fucks her from the front and with a beautiful tenderness that she will be even warmer. The man turns his wife gently on all fours, and asks her to spread her legs wide like a dog. When he sees the asshole, he takes the lubricant and soaks it in product. He passes his finger through the hole to excite the woman; he passes two fingers and then the tip of the penis that already wears a condom.

If this couple decides to add anal sex to their sex program, it's because they have been trained for it.


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